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Book a dental practice valuation

Book a dental practice valuation

What’s the true market value of your dental practice?

A no-obligation evidence-based valuation allows you to take a thorough, multi-faceted appraisal of your entire business that enables you to establish benchmarks where you can measure your performance and practice growth each year.​

Here’s how you can benefit from regularly valuing your dental practice:

Understand factors affecting your practice value
Knowing how you're performing against your benchmarks will help you set realistic goals and targets, as well as develop strategies to achieve them. This will allow you to plan your financial future with confidence.

Identify areas to build profit
If you are looking to sell your dental practice, it is important to analyse profitability as this is the key component driving your value. Where profit is high you may be able to sell sooner than planned. On the other hand, where your profit is lower than expected you can clearly map out a strategy to increase profitability over time. Making the decision to reinvest profits in your business or applying for finance can be a challenge. Regular valuations can help you make smart investments, whether that means buying equipment, adding a surgery, or engaging in strategic marketing activity to enhance your brand.

Prepare for the future
Valuations can help you develop a strong plan of action 5 to 10 years before you even think to sell or retire. This plays a key role in wealth planning and can make the difference between selling your practice and having it become unsaleable, protecting the equity in your business for your family, should something unexpected happen.

If you are thinking of selling your dental practice, it is important to get an up-to-date valuation from an independent expert to determine its current market value before you put it on the market.

Regular dental practice valuations can help you decide the future of your practice—whether you plan to sell it, pass it on to an Associate, or grow your current practice services. From business development to retirement planning, MediEstates has your best interests in mind throughout your career.

All Practice Owners should have a practice valuation every 12 months. Book your valuation today.